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  • You can fly if you are:

    • at least 4 years old
    • weight from 20 - 140 kg
    • shorter than 200 cm
  • You will not be able to fly if you:

    • have severe joint injuries or fractures
    • have injuries restricting the movement of your back and other movements
    • are pregnant
    • have epilepsy
    • are under the intoxication of alcohol and/ or drugs
  • Other information:

    • previous preperation and experience is not required
    • both the wind tunnel security features and the flight instructors will keep you safe
    • you need to wear comfortable clothing and close-toed shoes
    • rain, snow or wind will not interfere with the flight. Flight will only be cancelled during a thunderstorm.

Check In

5 - 10 min

At the wind tunnel, you will be greeted by our friendly staff who will help you to book your flight and answer your questions. Then you will be asked to fill out a contract about security terms during the flight and you will be introduced with your flight instructor.



10 min

The flight instructor will tell you about the process of the flight, as well as the rules and safety standards. You will be shown flying postures to acquire during the flight.


Gear Up

10 min

The flight instructor will give you flying gear and show how to properly use it. First, you will put on the flight suit over your clothes and shoes, put earplugs in your ears to absorb noise, put the hygiene hairnet on your head and finally – glasses and helmet.


Warm Up

5 min

The flight instructor will lead you to do some body warm-up exercises. The body should be warmed up before the flight just as before any other physical activity.



2 - 40 min

At the beginning, the flight instructor will help you to get adjusted to the wind flow. When you are accustomed to it, the instructor will help you to fly in the wind stream. If you are able to fly well, the instructor will rise with you in the air up to 3 meters in height. During the flight, you will feel joy, happiness, freedom and independence. And most importantly – you will feel how it is – to fulfill your dream of flying!

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After the flight

After the flight, you will be inspired by our flight instructors- they will show you different and complicated stunts in height till 8 meters!

Later you will be able both to talk to the instructor about your flight and the next steps of flying, and you will also be able to get pictures/videos from your flight and some souvenirs!

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